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Deputy Head of Junior School

Leadership in Year 5

Winter Term started with a wonderful Commissioning Service, where our Semester 2 Year 5 Specialist and House Captains were sworn in.  Whilst this was quite a public acknowledgement of the Year 5 boys, there was a great deal of activity happening daily behind the scenes, where the new Captains were starting to model their leadership skills.

In their role as Captains, the Year 5 Captains are expected to give up one lunchtime a week to meet as a group, prepare for their assembly reports and update with Miss Hooper, Madame Vinton and myself.  They also have meetings with their specialist teachers, either before school or at another recess or lunchtime.

As Dr O'Connell mentioned at the commissioning, the Year 5 Captains have continued to flourish and develop each year since Mr Stewart started the programme.  Under the expert guidance of Miss Hooper, the Year 5 boys continue to build their leadership skills.

What has been wonderful to witness is the Semester 1 Captains handing over their knowledge and expertise to their new Captains.  I have witnessed a number of Semester 1 Captains working with the new Captains to show them the ropes, again in their own time, to ensure their specialist area is well represented.  The photos below show the Semester 1 Sport Captain taking the Semester 2 Sport Captains through an important part of their role - how to run the very important merit award count.

The younger boys are watching the current Captains and what I love is that I already have Year 2 boys telling me which captaincy they wish to apply for when they get to Year 5!

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Mrs Amanda Ritchie
Acting Deputy Head of Junior School
(Administration and Pastoral Care)