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Welcome to the MS Science Labs with 6.3

The iLearn unit for this term in Year 6 is titled Being, Becoming and Belonging and this offered the students the opportunity to investigate states of matter and how a solid can become a liquid and then a gas.  To investigate this fully though, the boys needed to do experiments in the Science Lab.  This was the first time the boys had the chance to work on practical activities in the labs this year.

6.3-1.jpg  6.3-2.jpg.png

The 6.3 boys explored the area and the equipment contained within.  There were some weird and wonderful little devices that they were keen to see in action.  We discussed the safety rules and procedures before the boys watched a teacher demonstration of a Bunsen Burner in action.  Their next project was to conduct lab experiments on their own and report their findings.  The Science labs will continue to be an important part to their learning during their time in Middle School.

Mr Peter Gaspar
6.3 Homeroom Teacher