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7.5 Water – Earth's Lifeblood

This term, 7.5, and the rest of the Year 7 cohort, have been diving into the world of Water in iLearn.  We are knee-deep in a raft of activities highlighting the importance of water and how precious the liquid resource is to life on Earth.  In Week 4 we will attend the Groundwater Replenishment Visitor Centre to learn how Perth is managing its use of groundwater.  Later in the term we will whalecome a Guest Speaker from the Water Corporation who will be talking about initiatives being taken up by the government to ensure a long-lasting supply of fresh water.

7.5-1.jpg  7.5-2.jpg

Towards the end of the term, the buoys in 7.5 will go full steam ahead into their third inquiry, looking for an ingenious way to improve the use and availability of water in our communities.  7.5 are shore to come up with a stream of great ideas and we look forward to sea-ing what incredible ideas are floating out there.

Ms Deborah Mullin
7.5 Homeroom Teacher