The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Boys' Achievements 

Jack Mickle (Year 9, Shearer) has  confirmed his position as the Under 16 State Surfing Champion. He will attend the Australian Institute of Sport's high-performance surfing camp in August and compete as a member of the State team later in the year.  

Australian Geography Competition 2019    

Earlier this year sixty Year 11 and 12 Geography students from Scotch tested their geographical skills and knowledge against students from all around Australia in the 2019 Australian Geography Competition , with a number performing to a very high level .  

State Prize    

Quinlan (Quin) Arundel (Year 11 Anderson)  


High Distinction - Year 12  

High Distinction - Year 11  

Tyson Moody (Year 12, Ross)  

Bailey Monaghan (Year 11, St Andrews)  

Jack Mitchell (Year 12, Ferguson)  

Eden Messina (Year 11, Keys)  

Angus Cullen Falconer (Year 12, Keys)  

Harry Jackson (Year 11, St Andrews)  

William Coutts (Year 12, Keys)  

Benjamin (Ben) Hough (Year 11, Cameron)  


Distinction -  Year 12  

Distinction - Year 11  

Kane Kennedy (Year 12, Ross)    

Sean  Rimmer  (Year 11, Cameron)    

Liam McCreery (Year 12, Keys)    

Maxwell (Max)  Pethick  (Year 11, Alexander)    

Kristian Stonier (Year 12, Brisbane)    

Ricardo Holder (Year 11, St Andrews)    

Marcello Torre (Year 12, Cameron)    

James Watson (Year 11, St Andrews)    


Max  Shervington  (Year 11, Anderson)  

Quinlan (Quin) Arundel (Year 11 Anderson) scored the highest mark in the state for Year 11. His result was in the top 1% across the country. The last time a Scotch student has achieved a similar result was in 2009. Quin has now been invited to participate in the next round of the competition, the Geography Big Week Out, in December.    

International Mathematical Olympiad  

It is a historic moment for us as a school to have a student win Gold at the International Mathematical Olympiad. Since the inception of the Olympiad in 1959, Scotch has only ever had two students reach the level of being selected to participate. The first was  Akshay  Venkatesh – who won Bronze at the Olympiad in 1994 and who last year was awarded the prestigious Fields Medal, regarded as the highest  honour  a Mathematician can receive and long been compared to the Nobel Prize for Mathematics. This year,  William Steinberg (Year 11, Brisbane)  has traversed the challenging path of reaching the International Mathematical Olympiad and has achieved a Gold Medal. To be selected as a member of the Australian team is  in itself a  formidable task. William achieved a perfect score in the Australian Mathematical Olympiad in March and was invited to the Australian Mathematics Trust Selection School in April along with 18 of the top Mathematics students in Australia. For almost two weeks they trained together and at the conclusion, William and five other students were selected to represent Australia at the International Mathematical Olympiad. This year's Olympiad was held in Bath, England, and had the highest ever number of participants. 621 high school students, the best in the world, from 112 countries gathered in July. The event spanned over 10 days with many opportunities to get to know one another and learn from each other, united by a common love of and excellence in Mathematics. After nine hours of solving incredibly difficult problems, William placed 28th in the world resulting in a Gold Medal and the best performance in this year's Australian team.