The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

From the Head of Senior School

Next week signals the start of a really important process in Senior School, one in which every student is involved: selecting next year's House leaders. In simple terms the process is that current Year 11 boys nominate for roles, they present their credentials so to speak by speaking at a House meeting and from there a vote occurs. Results are then communicated to all applicants before being announced at our Week 7 Assembly.

It is more than heartening to see boys nominate for these roles and, as a staff, we are very grateful that there is the willingness in the student body to take on the extra responsibilities of mentoring, organising and facilitating that come with these leadership roles. Annually, the process gives us as a school, a big opportunity to feature and discuss what Leadership is. Last week two Year 12 boys stood to address the assembly. The second boy, Coen Miller (Year 12, Anderson) began: "Hi, I am Coen Miller, Anderson House, and I'm not the Captain of anything. However, I am here to tell you about Arts Week and the exciting opportunities we have put together in our programme of events.' 

In that short sentence Coen had perfectly, with a neat touch of humour, captured the essence of what leadership is. It is not a title, a badge or an appointed role. At the very core of leadership is the attribute of willingness; willingness to act for the benefit of others.


The question I posed to Senior School students last week was; Who do you vote for? Typically, we try to align ourselves, our votes, with candidates who have similar values to ours. So, how do you determine someone's values? Listening to election pitches where candidates talk and articulate their views is a great mechanism. So too is taking the time to reflect on the actions of the candidates over time, because it is the actions, habits and behaviours that are displayed on a regular basis that provide a tangible insight on the values of a candidate.


Thank you to the boys who have indicated they would like to lead within the school community. Thank you also to Coen Miller for highlighting that you don't need to have a title to show leadership.