The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

From the Head of Junior School

Risk Taking

The Junior School has been a fantastic forum for risk taking this last fortnight and I am not just talking about the Staff Pantomime on Book Parade Day, although this is always a big risk exercise under the guidance of Mr Norman!  That said, I do think it is important that we all practice some form of risk taking and for the staff to model this during such events as Book Week is a good way to showcase that being a life learner does involve taking risks.

Other examples of risk taking across the Junior School this past fortnight included the annual Spelling Bee competition, recent Readers Challenge, Athletics Carnivals and the myriad of testing that has started to come to pass. Challenges are present in life in so many ways and taking a risk can sometimes just help us through those trickier times in our journey.

Book Week

To Ms Grech, Mr Norman and all of the Junior School Library team, I say a big thank you for the Book Week preparation and coordination. To the parents who supported their children to dress up and showcase their love of reading, the staff of the Junior School say, thank you. View photos from the ELC Book Week Parade and Junior School Staff Pantomime.

elc-book-parade-123.jpg js-5.jpg js-15.jpg

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all of the Spelling Bee competitors who represented Scotch at St Mary's this week. The following boys represented the Junior School; from Year 5 was Jack Mayo, Luca Regli and Oliver Montandon and from Year 4 Michael Reed, Thomas Gamble and Alex Caporn. Well done boys for becoming finalists from our in-school selection. Thank you to Mrs Turkich and Mrs Kent for organizing and running the junior school selection afternoon. At an interschool level we competed well, and congratulations goes to Luca Regli for coming 3rd in the Year 5 category. A great effort to all the boys who represented Scotch College.

spelling-bee-sc.jpeg spelling-bee-st-marys-ispha-team.jpeg

Readers Challenge

Well done to the following Year 5 boys who represented Scotch College in the Readers Challenge at MLC recently. Ruhaan Satija, Kush Narula, Thomas Lovegrove, Matthew Hale, George Young and Charlie Martin formed the team this year. The boys came sixth overall and they did a great job at preparing themselves for this competition. Thank you Ms Grech for working with this Year 5 team.

Year 12 and Year 5 Get Together

We have been working with the Semester 2 Captains since the beginning of the term and one of the important collaborations is with our Year 12 leaders. The interaction of a morning, such as that held last week, has degrees of risk taking because putting yourself forward to get to know someone is often not as easy as it seems. Similarly, Captain of School Harry Gilchrist mentioned that the Year 12 leaders have a leadership agreement of shared responsibility and, as such, it was Ben Lilburne who took the risk and organised a wonderful morning enabling the Year 12 leaders to talk to the new Semester 2 leaders from the Junior School. All their risk taking certainly paid off and the boys had a wonderful morning together sharing and getting to know one another. Thank you Ben.

yr12-5-7.jpg yr12-5-2.jpg

Outstanding Achievements of Boys

Congratulations to Max Fine who participated in the GWA MAG Challenge at the State Gymnastics Centre over the Scotch long weekend. He gained three first places, two second places, one third place on each apparatus and came first overall for his level. Max's high overall score at this event means he has now qualified for the Team Future Camp in early October.