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3S News

In our fourth unit of inquiry, 'Sharing the Planet' we have focused on the idea of a world with equal opportunity. We have had an array of speakers and incursions to help us understand fairness and our responsibilities to one another, the rights of others and ourselves and the factors of social inequality.

The boys identified some areas where equal opportunity is not present and centred their discussions and research around education, gender inequality, survival needs, abilities and disabilities and cultural and religious differences. Many of these activities required the boys to challenge their thinking, broaden their minds and be prepared to stand in the shoes of others in order to gain a new perspective. They took on this challenge with maturity and sensitivity and their detailed reflections have demonstrated such growth.

During this time, we were lucky enough to welcome Jane Armstrong of Homelessness We Care WA and Sara Franklyn from Direct Reach Ethiopia and hear about their organisations and the difference they make. Both Jane and Sara discussed the many initiatives they have been involved in and the boys have become excited and vocal about their ideas for action.  We also had Matt McNally come in to share his knowledge and expertise about the role the Department of Communities has and how they assist in these areas and a final learning activity was with Reverend Wall where we experienced a group simulation on the journey of a refugee.

In all learning activities, the boys have been required to respect others, help one another to succeed and be aware of their impact on one another whilst learning. It has been a pleasure to watch them demonstrate skills in these areas as they have explored their views and beliefs and shared opinions and ideas for change. Watch this space for the actions that the Year 3S boys identify and promote throughout our school in their attempt to make a difference.

Mrs Sue Mitchell
Year 3 Teacher