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Food Design – Let's Get Creative with Food!

Being creative with food has enabled the Middle School Food Design boys to design and make many delicious recipes.  While learning about nutrition, food safety and hygiene, organisation and time management, the boys really enjoy this hands-on subject.

Year 6 boys are now expert 'muffin makers', having designed and produced their own individual tasty muffin snack.


Hamburger challenges in Year 7 have given the boys some great skills.  They are now sure to give Maccas, HJ's and Grill'd some serious competition when it comes to the best burger in town!  There are lots of delicious recipes which the boys love to make at school and at home.


The highlight of the Year 8 course is cooking for invited guests during our Asian Food Tasting Buffet.  The boys provide their special guests with food from a range of Asian cuisines.  Steamed Dumplings, Sushi, Thai Green Curry and many more mouthwatering dishes are among those expertly prepared by the boys.

food3.jpg  food4.jpg

Life-skills in action!

Mrs Stella Hodgson
Food Design Teacher