The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

From the Head of Junior School

On Friday 6 September, the Junior School celebrated Father's Day with our annual Father's Day Breakfast which was a little late this year due to the events in Week 5. We were very fortunate to secure Luke Dwyer from the West Coast Eagles – AFLW, as our guest speaker.  Luke spoke to us about his personal journey and whilst that did include working for a number of years at a local competitive school, he was very humble and very clear about his key messages.

These key messages included;

  • Control what you can control
  • Follow your passion
  • Know your strengths

He shared how these messages helped to shape him in his leadership and progress him to move from coaching at Christ Church Grammar School to the University of Western Australia, then on to mid-fielder coach for The Eagles to now coaching the West Coast Eagles female team in 2020.

Luke's sharing included how he sees his journey and the elements he values as he works for the West Coast Eagles Football Club.  Leadership within the club is strong and there is a solid commitment within the club to ensure the motto of 'friends, family and flags' is given support and that opportunity is provided for all members of the club.  Luke spoke about how in particular he values the words 'thank you' and he uses them often as it is a great way of showing gratitude. This is something he is extremely aware of as coach of the women's team. As the WCEW team are developing as a group and emerging in the world of women's sport, the team members are really big advocates of thanking him, even after he has trained them hard and pushed them to their limits. The women's level of gratitude is a large part of the team's culture and it bring much pleasure to his role as a coach.  He reminded the boys to never underestimate the power of saying 'thank you'.

The Junior School boys were extremely confident in sharing the attributes of the Learning Profile. Luke saw these hanging from the balconies on his arrival and noted all of them with the link to his own work. The boys were able to share these profiles and this was magnificent to see and something that I am thankful for.

To the Dads that gave their time to join their sons for the Father's Day breakfast, we are so pleased you join us, and for this we say THANK YOU.

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