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Art News

Wednesday 11 September was the official open evening of the 2019 Inspirations Art Exhibition.  Held in the Scotch College Gallery, the annual exhibition showcases the original talents of our developing young artists from Kindergarten to Year 10.

On display, we appreciated a wide variety of exceptional artworks from each sub-school demonstrating a skillful, exciting and diverse range of mediums, which included; photography, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, painting and drawing.

The artworks on display expressed the students’ ability to empathise through an understanding of global perspectives. The exhibition enables the boys to question and reflect upon their approach to each subject matter, valuing the importance of the continuum of the Visual Arts throughout the college.  This year’s exhibition truly captured the boys’ individuality and highlighted the wide variety of mediums offered to all Scotch students within the Visual Arts program. The boy’s enthusiasm for Visual Arts was highly evident.  Not only do the Visual Arts induct valuable skills but they also give the boys a unique lens through which to see and enjoy the world around them throughout their lives.

I warmly encourage you to visit the Exhibition which will be open during school hours until Thursday 22 October.

img_0996.jpg img_1003.jpg img_1005.jpg

Mrs Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist