The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Scotch College joins Teach Learn Grow (TLG): Closing the Education Gap 

Students in Year 10 at Scotch College received a warm welcome from Teach Learn Grow (TLG) volunteer representatives, on a Friday afternoon. 


The Schools Programme run by TLG aims to spread awareness of the education gap that exists in Australia. It also aims to address the knowledge gaps in students surrounding the topic of educational inequality. Students watched the video titled Swimming River which explains the key issues facing Indigenous people in the East Kimberley. These issues include unemployment, poverty and perpetuate a cycle of disadvantage for both parents and their children. Through the programme, students learned more about TLG's mission to close the gap and how they play a critical role in breaking the cycle of disadvantage.  Students had the opportunity to complete a task-based activity focused on creating educational resources. The activity highlights the need for equal access to educational resources for rural and remote Australian communities. 

As mentioned by one student, "learning how TLG works with students to improve their literacy and numeracy was interesting and it was good to be able to help them create resources that they can use to help other students across our state." 

Another student said that "the opportunities we have here at school are great and it is easy to forget that not all students have the same resources available to them."   

Ngoc-Mai Duong, who manages the TLG Schools Programme, says "engaging students in TLG's work helps to empower students to not only to take charge of their education, but also to advocate for greater social change."  Students at Scotch College who are interested in making a positive difference in their community are further encouraged to get involved in TLG through the bi-annual Rural programme, eMentor programme and Tutoring Centre now and when they finish high school. 

We look forward to seeing TLG return soon. 

The McCusker Centre for Citizenship

The McCusker Centre for Citizenship, based at UWA, is aimed at improving communities and building, “socially engaged citizens who actively contribute to the wellbeing of their communities.” 

The College was fortunate to host two of their student ambassadors last week who presented to our Year 12 students on some of what awaits them when they leave the College.

The Centre provides an incredible number of opportunities for students going on to UWA, but the presentation given was about a lot more than that. The group spoke about the importance of being actively engaged in whichever communities the boys found themselves in and the benefits of doing this for everyone involved. It was particularly pleasing to hear the discussion speak about what young men who are not at university can be doing to contribute to society and to build skills which will assist them into the next stage of their life.