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Deputy Head of Junior School

Throughout Winter Term, one of the Year 5 boys in the Junior School began the journey to plan and prepare for an event which he wanted to host. This drive came from his personal passion and for him it was a way he could give back to the those who have helped him over this past year.  Harry Nicholls was diagnosed with two auto-immune eye diseases – AMPPE and optic neuritis.

Harry has been a wonderful example of how you can overcome and accept adversity and work with setbacks in order to make good of a tough situation. On the last day of Winter Term, Harry’s efforts came to fruition. His quest to both fundraise and raise awareness of the importance of eye sight to the Junior School staff and students, culminated in a blind folded obstacle course. Harry with the help of staff and peers devised, planned and organised a somewhat challenging series of activities which all Junior School students walked through with the help of a ‘guide’, and then in turn switched to be able to guide someone else. 

Boys and staff had to walk across various levels of ground, navigate through witches hats, attempt to hit a tennis ball onto a tennis racquet three times, crawl through a tunnel, step through a ground ladder and kick a soccer ball into a net. All relatively simple you would presume but not so without the use of your sight.

Year 5 boys assisted Harry in his preparation and on the day several others manned stations in order to assist classes coming through. It was a wonderful success; the boys and staff shared their experiences and came to understand the complications and challenges of not having your eyesight. In addition to this over $650 was raised for VisAbility.

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Miss Penny Hooper
Deputy Head of Junior School
(Administration and Pastoral Care)