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6.4 Being, Becoming, Belonging

Throughout Winter Term, the boys in 6.4 explored the concept of migration, specifically looking at who, why and how individuals migrate to Australia. Initially we looked into our own class migration history and discovered some fascinating stories about where our families originated from.  This led to our excursion to Fremantle Maritime Museum where we explored various stories about individuals who migrated to Australia and the reasons why they migrated.

As a culminating task, the boys were required to create a Museum display about a migrant of their choosing.  They inquired into the history of the individual and considered the reasons for why and how they migrated to Australia.  Research focused on the contributions that the individual has made to Australia's economic and social development.  In addition to this they explored the cultural influences that the country has provided.  Their creativity was challenged as they were required to create numerous artefacts to support and explain the research completed.

On the last day of term, all boys in Year 6 created a museum display in the classrooms to share their knowledge and understanding. This was a wonderful opportunity to showcase all the amazing work of the students.

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Mrs Lauren McCormack
6.4 Homeroom Teacher