The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Exploring Earth Science in 7.6

A new term brings a new chapter of learning here for the boys in 7.6!  This term the boys will undertake Earth Science during iLearn lessons.  We will explore the world of Forces, Newton's Law, Gravity, Friction and The Earth.  Along the way many practical activities will take place.  Boys will have the opportunity to go into the Science Lab to learn physics, go online to create their own Formula 1 track and get their hands dirty with oil to learn about friction.

One of the burning questions the boys have already asked is "How do Tides work?"  As we uncover the world of Science this and much more will be revealed.  Pictured below is Mont Saint-Michel, a tidal island on France's northwest coast, which means that it's only connected to the mainland when the tide is low.  The medieval abbey and town took advantage of the tides to defend themselves from invaders.  As you can see our learning has already begun!


Mr Daniel Turco
7.6 Homeroom Teacher