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2019 Scotch College Conferences

As the new academic year commenced in the Senior School, classes were delayed while the boys attended the annual Scotch College Conferences. The Conferences are two days, jam-packed with professional speakers, inspiring activities and a variety of  programmes  that support the boys in transitioning into their new grade, while nurturing an appropriate mindset brimming with motivation, hope and aspiring goals. 

The 2019 Conferences were a huge success and we were proud to bring the likes of Glen Gerreyn, an acclaimed Australian speaker, to address the boys on issues that may face them over the coming years. Glen was an aspiring track and field Olympian before being  struck-down  with an incurable illness. He found himself fighting to create a new life away from sport and now travels the world delivering a message that empowers his audiences to take control of their lives by making simple, but critical changes to their mindset, habits and daily routine. Most importantly, Glen instils a sense that any dream is possible if you believe in it and are willing to work hard to achieve it. The Year 11 students were fortunate to spend a full day with Glen in his workshop, 'Day of Hope', with the Year 10 and 12 boys hearing from Glen on the topics of 'Men of  Honour ' and 'Brilliant Young Minds'.

Other highlights from the Conferences are included below but of  particular note  is the breadth of experience that we were able to provide for our emerging young men. There is no doubt that this generation is entering a world that can be complicated to navigate. Our role as a school is to provide your sons with as much reassurance and guidance as possible to ensure they have the best start to their life beyond the College. We know that when we create a culture of care, trust and self-belief, we are providing a platform from which the boys can focus on taking small but measurable steps towards achieving their goals. 

Year 10

Adam Przytula - Issues facing young men in a digital age

Study Sensei - Effective study skills

F.I.T. Stay Safe - How to stay safe, fit and defend yourself

Mr Hindle - Looking after yourself

Glen Gerreyn - Men of Honour

  Year 11

Glen Gerreyn - Day of Hope

Mindfulness - Yoga and Pilates Breathe

Mr Gale - Beginning the Leadership journey

Mrs   Fugill and Mr Tyrrell - Transitioning your study from Year 10 to 11  

Year 12

Jane Genovese - Exam Hacks: Shortcuts to Study Success

Mr Hindle - Maintaining Wellbeing

Adam Przytula - Healthy Relationships