The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Old Scotch Collegians and New Beginnings

On Friday of Week 2, the College celebrated Founders’ Day. It is a day where we acknowledge the contributions of those who came before us, particularly the foresight shown by Jane Alexander back in 1896, who saw the need for our School and had the courage to follow up on her convictions, donating five hundred pounds to found the School in 1897. In the Senior School, we mark this day with Marching, where past Pipe Band members return to play or march with the current Band, before celebrating with fellow Old Scotch Collegians (OSC) at the Founders’ Day Dinner in the evening. Our heritage is one of the things that makes Scotch College unique and we celebrate our traditions with great pride. Founders’ Day also coincides with the first time our ‘new’ Year 12 boys lead the marching, another symbolic handover of leadership following the March Out Assembly and wonderful March Out ceremony on the Memorial Oval a week prior.

While our leaving 12 cohort are preparing for examinations, following up on further education and training opportunities, commencing employment or just enjoying the break from 12 years of schooling, our current students are stepping up into new roles and studying new courses. They have made a great start and the opportunity now exists for them to set the tone for the school, to lead their Houses and mentor and support the younger students. This is not a responsibility that is left to chance. The Year 12 students have been working through the leadership course for the past 12 months and have been developing their skills in this area, both individually and as a cohort, in preparation for the responsibility of leading the College. We look forward to hearing the theme they have set for 2020 and to working with the cohort to achieve their goal.

The Spring Concert, held earlier this term, was a great success. The event show-cased a variety of pieces and the talent, dedication and teamwork required of the boys in their musical endeavours. For some students, the courage demonstrated in performing for a large audience was palpable and I commend all of those involved in the evening. Speaking of new beginnings, it was also great to see our new Captain of Music compering the night while his predecessor and other leaving Year 12 boys performed. The transition in leadership was seamless and a credit to our Music department and the students involved. As one group steps away and works towards new challenges and experiences, the next group steps up to embrace the opportunities that lie before them, ready to make their own mark on the School.

It is an exciting time for the Senior School and the incoming Year 12 group as they lead us into a new year. We look forward to supporting them in their endeavours knowing that, as with any challenge, there will be ups and down and opportunities to develop their own style and learn from their experiences. As the leaving Year 12 boys will attest to, the year will fly by and it is important to embrace and enjoy the moment in the days and weeks ahead along their journey.