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1G News

We have hit the ground running this term with a spring in our step. The boys have been inquiring into 'Our role and responsibility to look after the natural world.' They have shown this through the silkworms we have been looking after in the classroom. We have had many boys demonstrate their action by cycling or walking to their local mulberry tree to get leaves for our special silkworms.

We are well versed as to where these mulberry trees are in our local area. We are looking forward to going through the process of how to obtain the silk when they have spun their cocoons. Tobias asked Mrs Gray "What would you like to make out of the silk Mrs Gray?" Mrs Gray replied with "A lovely new silk dress would be wonderful."

We have enjoyed walking to Lake Claremont to find out what exciting creatures live there. We have seen many tadpoles, ducks, ducklings, swans, cygnets and a large variety of bird life. We soon realised what an amazing habitat Lake Claremont is. We have really enjoyed learning about a variety of animals, how they move, their external features and what they eat in preparation for the creation of our very own animal.

1G is full of marvellous mathematicians. Our current mathematical inquiry is 'Attributes of time can be measured using devices.' We have been investigating how to tell the time which has definitely challenged our brains. The boys have been asking amazing questions and investigating the answers to these questions. One example is: If it is 11.00pm in Australia. What time is it in America? We are wonderful timekeepers in 1G.

We have begun our second round of swimming lessons for the year and cannot believe how much we have improved. We are like little fish in the water and are looking forward to showing off our amazing technique at the Aqua Fun day in a few weeks' time.

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Mrs Kristen Gray
Year 1 Teacher