The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Physical Education News 

It has been a busy start to Spring Term in Physical Education, especially in JPSSA Sport for our Year 5 students. The young men who have represented Scotch College in the JPSSA programme thus far have shown outstanding sportsmanship, displaying respect for not only themselves but also their opponents. In tennis, Oban Hopkins from Year 5 has been commended for his exceptional display of treatment of others whether it be a Scotch student or an opposing student. A number of students have also been praised for their efforts playing cricket, with Sonny Mutter, Edward Meadows and Fletcher Hector all applauded for their efforts with the bat and ball.

Swimming lessons have also begun for Year 1 to 5 students and are in full swing with a large majority of boys showing vast improvements particularly in freestyle and backstroke. Samuel Cimbaro, Year 3 and Dominic Van Niekerk, Year 4 have both displayed leadership within their respective year groups, displaying a willingness to listen, learn and progress through the swimming levels by applying feedback given to them by the swim coaches. In the coming weeks, we look to progress the boys’ ability in the three main swimming strokes and introduce diving off the blocks for our older year groups to improve confidence entering the water.

The Year 4 boys are also eager for their upcoming Basketball Carnival on the Thursday 7 November held at the Bendat Basketball Stadium. They will get a taste of what JPSSA is like as they compete in a round-robin tournament against Hale and Christ Church.

Mr Nathan Eaton
Head of Junior School Physical Education