The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

2A News

How does one define a good unit of inquiry? The unit of inquiry into 'Where we are in place and time' was an excellent starting point. The central idea looked to identify the skills and attributes of significant people that may make a difference to individuals and communities. One of the questions raised by the boys was 'what defines a significant person?' and this formed a basis for the first debate held in the Year 2 classroom. This led to a second question, 'How big or small a difference can we make to someone else?' Finally, and perhaps most significantly, 'Is being important to one person the same as being important to everyone?' The Year 2 boys thoroughly enjoyed debating and exploring these questions.

Following these discussions the boys met with a number of significant people, from Callum Kennedy in Year 4 who gave a lesson on caricatures, to the Hon. Colin Barnett, former Premier of Western Australia who gave the boys an insight to how the Optus Stadium, Elizabeth Quay, and the Children's' Hospital were built. The politics around each of these landmark constructions was fascinating.  Equally, the hotly debated concept of Sunday shopping being introduced to Perth was an inspiring and exciting story, one in which they will never forget. Being a leader isn't as easy as it looks!

'Snail Mail', is a new concept for this age group as the world changes so rapidly into using technology to communicate with one another. Using this "ancient" medium of communication exchange, the boys chose a person who was significant to them, wrote a formal letter, walked to Claremont, paid for a stamp and posted it just before third term holidays. On the first day back in Spring Term, there was a disappointed sigh as no reply had arrived at the class. However, this all changed on day two when letters started to trickle in. Heartfelt discussions into what is unconditional love was held as the first letters received were from family and loved ones. By Week 2 this all changed, as two letters from the well-known author Andy Griffiths had come to class. An interesting learning curve into the need to put a return address happened in Week 3 as a letter written to Hugh Jackman was returned to sender. I don't think this will be the first or last letter the 2A boys will be writing as their joy from receiving a handwritten letter was profoundly moving to some of them.


In October the boys said goodbye to their Year 12 buddies with a movie making afternoon. Laughter could be heard all the way to the Middle School Library and vast hugs of farewell and good luck was a resounding call. In 10 years, the boys will be able to look at the movies and remember how a fantastic friendship had been forged.


The Year 12 students were not the only buddies the 2A boys were lucky enough to have. The Year 2 girls from PLC were also buddied up with a Scotch boy for the year. Termly meetings and outings were held with the finale on Monday 4 November consisting of a spending trip to Coles in Claremont. The boys were paired up with their buddies, and between them, they had $10 to spend on lunch which had to be healthy with only one treat and one they could both share! Compromise, budgeting and nutrition were just a few things the boys focused on for the day without really knowing it.  "You tricked us into doing maths" was heard at the end of the excursion. Yes, I did, and you loved it!


Mrs Fiona Alexander
Year 2 Teacher