The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

One heck of a Journey!

You prepare, your research, you train. All for the one big moment to showcase all of your preparation, your talent and to really challenge yourself. Whether this preparation is for a sporting pursuit or an academic one, the effort and focus needed is similar. You work, reflect, revise, and keep amending until the big day comes.

For our Year 5 students this journey began nine weeks ago. They worked with their teachers to explore the theme "As technology advances so does its impact." Each boy prepared their own burning question and began the preparation that would bring them to last week, to the 2019 Year 5 PYP Exhibition.

The journey for each boy was different. Some chose a question that was close to them, one that they saw and considered in their daily lives. Others chose topics that had a more far reaching impact. Whichever the question they explored, they followed the journey of research, reflection, revision and publication to bring them to the point to share their learning with our community.

The topics shared were varied and the confidence the boys displayed as they spoke to their guests was outstanding. However, the journey was far more important than the destination. Over the course of the lead up to the Exhibition, the boys had the opportunity to put to full use the skills they had learned through their PYP journey. They used their thinking skills and critically analyzed the information they discovered and transferred this information to their reports and presentations. They refined and practised their communication skills, both in the collaborative working relationships they fostered and for their final exhibition presentations. They were forced to improve their self-management skills, to be organised, affective and reflective and to work to a deadline. And they improved their research skills as they explored content online, in books and from people they interviewed.

Each of our boys are indebted to the support they received from their passionate teachers, Miss Cirillo, Ms Louden and Mr Wells. Their assistance and guidance helped to bring it all together for each of our exhibitors.

The process allowed each boy to challenge himself in these key areas and enjoy great success on the day. The lead up, the preparation and the process were far more important than the end point but what an end point it was. On the day the boys spoke with passion about their topic. They knew their stuff and clearly wanted to share with all who came to see them. You could sense and see the pride they had in their accomplishments because they had travelled the journey, learned, and succeeded.  The 2019 PYP Exhibition as simply a brilliant destination after a most excellent journey.