The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Pre-Primary News

'How we express ourselves', what an awesome inquiry to finish the school year. This inquiry began through the boys reflecting on ways in which they are creative. They discovered that when they are being creative their ideas come from their imagination and experiences. The boys found they are never short of ideas and together with their amazing imaginations they are able to bring awesome ideas to life. Some of the boy's favourite creative spaces at school are the Maker Space, Performance Space, Writing Table, Construction Space and the Pirate Ship. In each space, in order to be creative, different skills are required; fine motor, gross motor, communication and social skills. The boys identified skills they were clever at and the skills they wanted to improve, they then worked with their friends and teachers to practice and develop these skills. The boys were excited to discover that with an imagination and a positive mindset the possibilities for creativity are endless. We were very lucky to work with Daniel from the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre who tapped into the boy's imagination and guided their creation of hand puppets made from recycled materials. To finish our wonderfully creative year, we are looking forward to our first assembly performance.


Mrs Racquel Cumming
Pre-Primary Teacher