The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

French Sticker Design Competition

Boys studying French in Middle School participate each year in the Teachers of French Association (TOFA) WA Sticker Design Competition.  Since the College has been involved in this competition we have only had one student who won with their design.  I am pleased to announce that this year we have had two students whose designs have been selected as winners!

Félicitations to Ronan Leishman (7.5) and to Jordan Krieser (7.3) who both created humorous, clear and well-thought out stickers and were selected as winning designs.  Ronan created the "Tour Eiffel" sticker depicting little Eiffel Towers going on a guided tour (pun on the word "tour" which means "tower").  Jordan designed a very cool French bulldog "dabbing". There were hundreds of applicants from the entire state and the winning stickers needed to be cleverly designed, funny and with perfectly written French.

french3.jpg  french4.jpg


These stickers are now available for purchase from the TOFA website and many West Australian students will most likely see the stickers on their work within the next couple of years.

Bravo to all our students who submitted their designs for the competition.  I am looking forward to next year's designs already!

Mdm Emilie Perrot
Middle School French Teacher