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Performing Arts

On Wednesday 27 November, the Year 5 boys performed a matinee and an evening show of their musical 'Let The Games Begin'. It followed the story of three technology obsessed youngsters who visit their grandfather, but he becomes increasingly frustrated with their disdain for anything other than their phones and the internet. He reveals a pair of very unusual seven-sided dice that he explains were given to him in the Far East by a wise old mystic. As lights flash, thunder claps and eerie, strange noises were heard, the petrified trio were transported to the strange land of Lady Fortune where they became pawns in her games. Each of them competed against the devious, devilish diva in a game of their choice to win their freedom and avoid being a game piece in Fortune's land forever!

The musical linked with the boys' Exhibition unit in which the central idea was 'As technology advances, so does its impact', as well acting as the key driver for their final Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, in which the central idea is 'Performing Arts can engage an audience and communicate ideas and emotions'. In tying the two themes together, the boys discovered that whilst technology is an incredible tool, life is all about balance and sometimes it is more fun to ditch the surreal for the real deal.

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