The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Performing Arts  

I trust all families in our community have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break. The Scotch Performing Arts team are looking forward to facilitating challenging and exciting programmes for our boys in 2020. The start of a school year can be a stressful time for students with  all  the perceived expectations, the academic goals, the myriad of new opportunities available, juggling co-curricular activities and meeting all of the demands of an increasingly complex daily life routine.  

I remember speaking to a recent graduate not long ago. He reminded me of the importance of doing something you enjoy or love while going through school. For him, it was music and drama and his reflection was that his involvement in these two areas were what motivated him to get up in the morning with a positive attitude about the day ahead. He would look forward to his involvement in music ensembles and drama productions and this gave him a sense of joy while he went about his daily school routine.

There can be so much gained through immersive involvement activities such as offered by the performing arts and sporting programmes. I trust that each boy's experience this term will be one of jumping in wholeheartedly to something they really enjoy.

New Music Faculty Leadership Structure

This year, we've implemented a new leadership structure for the Music Faculty. There are now three key leadership positions within the department each with a specific portfolio.

Mr Tim Simpson has been appointed to the position of Music Tuition Coordinator. Mr Simpson will be responsible for all music lessons held as part of our extensive Music Tuiton programme, from Kindergarten through Year 12.

Mrs Jenny Sullivan has been appointed to the position of Music Curriculum Coordinator. Mrs Sullivan will be responsible for all Music courses taught through the regular classroom programme, again from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

The Music Ensemble programme and all public performances, including chapel and assembly will now be overseen by Mr Scott Loveday directly in his role as Head of Performing Arts. 

Staffing changes

At the conclusion of Spring Term 2019, we farewelled the following staff:

  • Mr Adrian Hicks: moving to the Department of Education IMSS programme
  • Miss Elizabeth Moss: moving to John Septimus Roe ACS
  • Mrs Wyana O'Keeffe: relocated with family to Townsville
  • Mr Niran Dasika: relocated to Melbourne
  • Mrs Niki Browne-Cooper: maternity leave
  • Mr Rob Coleman
  • Mr Matt Cole

During January, we also had the sad job of farewelling the following staff:

  • Mrs Donna Hooson: relocating with family to Tom Price
  • Ms Ibolya Mikajlo: moving to the Department of Education IMSS programme
  • Miss Rosie Taylor

After eleven years of service, Ms Mikajlo has accepted a position within the Instrumental Music School Services division of the Department of Education. Ms Mikajlo was valued for her ability to relate to boys with varying abilities and ages and her passion for working with students who found it difficult to access learning because of cognitive or physical disadvantages. She revelled in the Junior School performance space and spent a lot of time and energy arranging music for special item performances at Junior school events. Ms Mikajlo will be publicly acknowledged and officially farewelled at a staff afternoon tea during the term. We thank Ms Mikajlo for her service to Scotch College and wish her all the best with her future work at IMSS and her future research studies.

In 2020, we welcome the following staff to the performing arts team:

Mr Matthew Walker

Mr Walker joins the music faculty full time working predominantly with Middle and Senior School students. Mr Walker is a professional trombonist, and has worked with both the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and Perth Symphony Orchestra. Mr Walker joins us from Hale School, where he has spent the past nine years championing the band programme in the Hale Middle School. Mr Walker is married to Laura, and has two young daughters to keep him on his toes.

Mr Lachlin Brooks-Crew

Mr Brooks-Crew joins the music faculty full time until July, working predominantly with Middle and Senior School students in the general and VET music pathways. Mr Brooks-Crew is a professional saxophonist and joins Scotch from Melville Senior High School where he has spent the past five years delivering similar programmes to senior secondary students.

Mr Austin Castiglione

Mr Castiglione joins the drama team in a part time capacity, with his main focus being on middle school classes. Mr Castiglione has spent the past three years at PLC Perth, where he is still involved with the Wings programme. Mr Castiglione is a professional actor and director, with a wide and varied production experience with the Black Swan Theatre, Melbourne Theatre Company and Class Act Theatre.

We are still in the process of appointing new Music Tuition staff for 2020 and will be in a position to announce new faculty members in due course.

Addition to the Music Tuition programme

For the first time, Scotch Music is pleased to offer individual study in Electronic Music and Music Production. Individual programmes in this area will be delivered by Mr Luke Minness, one of our faculty members who has extensive experience in this area. Mr Minness runs workshops in metropolitan and regional cities focussing on contemporary songwriting and production techniques. Mr Minness has been nominated for industry awards for his own production and electronic music works.

Music Fellowships

Aptitude testing for all Year Three students will occur on Friday 7 th  February during the school day. There is nothing students or parents can do to prepare for the test. The aptitude test is a measure of a boy's developmental musical potential. Following the test, selected students will be offered the opportunity of learning a string instrument with special subsidies through the College Music Tuition programme. Further details will be provided to families once testing is complete.

Mr Scott Loveday

Head of Performing Arts