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Year 3L News

The Year 3L boys have begun the year with a bang!  So many new routines and opportunities to be had.  One of the first introductions to Year 3 came with an excursion to Penguin Island as a whole Year 3 team with Mrs Webster’s class.  It was a gloriously sunny and picture-perfect day for an excursion on the water.  The boys began with an exploration of the marine park around Penguin Island.  They saw sea lions lazing on the beach, with one cheeky juvenile doing flips and tricks in the water around the boat.  The boys spent time exploring the beaches and lookouts finding many new natural treasures along the way.  They were careful to leave everything as they found it in order to play their part in preserving the natural habitat.  After a paddle along the shore and some sandcastle building, the boys entered the penguin area to observe the resident penguins frolicking together and waiting for a feed.  The speaker was informative and happy to answer the boys’ questions.  She talked to us about the difference between the penguin varieties and the population of little penguins or fairy penguins on the island.  Kevin was one of the boys’ favourite penguins as he was the naughtiest.  On their return to class, the boys discussed their favourite part of the day and what they learned.  This will lead us into discussions about communities and how they live.  We’ve had an exceptional start to the year.

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Mrs Irene Louden
Year 3 Teacher