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Physical Education News

On Wednesday 12 February the boys in Year 3, 4 and 5 participated in the annual Junior School Inter-House Swimming Carnival held at HBF Stadium. There were some amazing swims in all divisions across the years. In perfect conditions for swimming and with lots of encouragement from their Houses the Carnival got off to a fantastic start with 50m butterfly, freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke races. Olivier Bedel, Crusoe Bachofen von Echt and James Hargreaves-Serventy swam beautifully across their races in Year 3 whilst Connor and Zachary McManus performed well in all their races in Year 4. There were some exciting races in Year 5 with Angus McIntosh, Thomas Gamble, Charlie Burton and Xavier Fugill racing beautifully across their age group. The 25m races were just as keenly contested and there were amazing efforts from all the boys as they competed for house points that contributed to the final destination of the House Shield. Every swim counted toward this end and it was fantastic to see everyone giving their best effort. The final tally saw Gordon House triumph for the first time since 2015, in what was a great day of racing in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

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Mr Scott Whiston
Head of Junior School Physical Education