The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Head of Middle School

Thank you to the Middle School parents who attended the Parent Information Evenings in Week 2, your presence underscores the importance of the sense of team we as the adult partnership need to have.  I mentioned two emphases last week: Posture and Caring.  As a partnership of adults working with adolescent boys, we need to continually be coaching and keeping these emphases to the fore.  Good posture is easier to observe and encourage, it is highly visible and can be attended to immediately.  Caring, understanding someone else's perspective is not as easy to see.  This week I will talk to the students about deliberately, consciously, caring about someone near to them.  Someone in the classroom, someone in the playground, someone in their sport squad.  I am urging boys to intentionally check in on someone, to ask how they are, invite them into an activity, say something positive.  90 seconds is what I am asking, to overtly, deliberately, care about someone else each day.  It is not long, but the benefit to both parties is significant and long lasting.  And, what a great habit to be known or having a reputation for.  The ABC's Four Corners programme tonight highlights where a lack of caring can take us, when we are not overt in helping students see the needs of others.  Can you ask your son who he will spend his 90 seconds caring about this week?

Homeroom Teacher Parent Meetings

These are particularly useful meetings and have been scheduled for Week 4 & 5.  They are a valuable two-way information sharing mechanism and again build the bedrock of the adult partnership we work from.  They are short sessions.  Sometimes they are a starting point for an agreed longer conversation at another time.  In inviting you to the Parent Meetings, I offer the reminder that you may contact any of your son's teachers with a question or background information at any time.  Responses will typically come the following day.

Scotch Parents' Middle School Parent Sundowner: Friday 21 February 6:30pm

This is a really popular event each year. Hosted by Scotch Parents it is low key and casual, a great opportunity to meet new families and extend the friendships that help build and maintain the sense of community Scotch College is known for.  New venue this year, the Middle School Quad. I really look forward to seeing you.  Don't forget to wear your name badges.  Please click on this link to purchase your tickets