The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

The Year 8 Community Project

The Year 8 Community Project is about to enter its third year and continues to grow as the culminating experience for our IB MYP.

On Thursday 6 February, the project was 'launched' with guest speakers and some 'speed dating' amongst local not-for-profit organisations. These included Fair Game, Uniting Care West, Earthwise, The Salvation Army, Cottesloe Coast Care, Balga Senior High School, Anglican Language School and Teach Learn Grow. The boys also heard from Year 12 students, Charlie Bevan, Nicholas Verryn and Will Reeves who told the boys about their Year 11 IB CAS project that has seen them get to know a number of OSC at Aegis Aged Care in Claremont. The organisations were able to tell the boys about the sorts of assistance they can give in the community, how best to break through some barriers they may face and expand on the skills and benefits that the Community Project promotes.

A week later, last Thursday, the whole Year 8 cohort spent time off campus at various organisations around the city. The afternoon was again, a huge success and the boys were buzzing with ideas and insights about what their project may look like. We had some excellent feedback from the organisations involved and a big thanks to them for hosting our young men.

A huge thanks to the Community Project Coordinator, Mrs Mia Sullivan, who has done a sterling job setting the scene for everyone in the Middle School.

Below is a photo from the veggie patch being managed by Junior School teacher, Carolyn Vinton. A big thanks to the boys involved and congratulations on those humungous apple cucumbers!


Finally, this week is another Disabled Surfing event at Leighton Beach. I realise the senior boys have PSA sport but any boys who are available, I encourage you to get down there. Thanks to Rachel Tsen, who is organising for some Year 8 students to assist.