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Overcoming Perfectionism Course

Late last year, I mentioned this free online course which might be of benefit to some of our students. Participants will be part of a research project conducted by Curtin University. Some questions that might help you and your son identify if he is putting a bit too much pressure on themselves to achieve are:

  • Does he focus on what he has not¬†achieved, rather than what he has achieved?
  • If he achieves his goal, does he tend to set the standard higher for the next time?
  • Does he base his self-esteem on striving and achievement?
  • Does he keep trying to meet his standards, even if it means he misses out on other things or it is causing problems?
  • Does he tend to put off doing tasks in case he fails or because of the time it would take?

Time commitment is not more than one hour a week for eight weeks, with a pre- and post-programme survey and follow-up surveys at one and three months post-intervention (20 minutes each).

The link to the research information sheet and consent form is here:

Mr James Hindle

Director of Student & Staff Wellbeing