The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

5W News

In 5W, we have been looking at the Swan River colony during the period of colonisation. The boys have been looking at various sources of evidence and collecting notes through the lens of our key concepts, perspective and form. Using these notes, the boys are now writing their historical recounts using Book Creator and Sketches. The Sketches app allows the boys to make their journals more authenticate.

Further to this, the boys have been using Minecraft to look at how to colonise Mars. The boys had to investigate how to survive on Mars and the dangers one would face, how to create a sustainable colony on Mars, working collaboratively with their peers to complete a variety of tasks and finally, use critical thinking skills to decide how to allocate limited resources to build a colony capable of responding to potential challenges and setbacks. After finalising the 27 items that the teams would take to Mars, the boys set about creating seven pods with airlocks on the surface of Mars, all in survival mode. Will they survive? Only time will tell...

Mr Andrew Wells
Year 5 Teacher