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1G News

The Year 1 team have started with a BANG!

The boys have explored their newfound freedom on both the oval and the pirate ship playgrounds. Many games of soccer and adventures have been had so far. It’s so wonderful to see the enjoyment on their faces as they run, climb and slide!

We have settled into our daily structure with a balance of play and differentiated formal learning. The boys have loved having the responsibility of their own iPad device for learning. We have also developed an understanding of our routines and expectations when we are a Year 1 boy. The boys have been so proud wearing their summer uniforms with hair neat and tidy, shirts tucked in and shiny black shoes with laces tied. 

Through our first unit of inquiry ‘Who we are’, we have focused on the central idea that ‘Relationships can shape the health and wellbeing of individuals’. We have explored how we develop friendships and how they affect us, what roles and behaviours are within our friendships and family and how we can maintain our relations. We have made friendship circles, family portraits and most recently we made our own terracotta friendship circles inspired by the traditional concept of Mexican Friendship Circles.

Our friendships in Year 1 are strong and evident in class and the playground. Some boys have been congratulating others on their achievements and success in class while others have been active in helping friends to reset their desk areas ready for the next lesson. We have seen many boys using the friendship tree in the playground and their friends come to ask them to play with them. It has been wonderful to hear and see the kindness coming out daily. 

Our assembly item also reflected our unit of inquiry. We prepared and sang the wonderful song “We are going to be friends” by Jack Johnson. The boys sang so beautifully and looked so smart in their bright coloured shirts, sunglasses and hats. It was wonderful to share it with Dr O’Connell, Miss Hooper and Mrs Ritchie as well as all our friends and family in the Scotch community.

The Year 1 cohort have an abundance of enthusiasm and drive and with this, I know that they will have an exciting year of exploring, investigating and inquiring adventures. Look out – here we come! 

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Mrs Jayne Ricciardello
Year 1 Teacher