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6.3 Welcome to the Science Lab

Joining the Middle School comes with a lot of new opportunities for the Year 6 boys.  Over the last few weeks, the boys have had the chance to explore and use the Middle School Science Labs for the very first time.  After a little bit of orientation and discovery in the lab, it was time to get down to some Science.

They learnt about how matter moves between the three states of matter by observing water move between solid ice, liquid water and gaseous water vapour.  Then they got the chance to experiment themselves.  They mixed bi-carb soda and vinegar, melted chocolate with boiling water, watched food colouring interact with detergent in milk and mixed salt and cream together.  This was all to discover the differences between reversible and irreversible changes.

Working in the labs, with lab coats and safety goggles on is certainly one of the most anticipated events early in Year 6.

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Mr Peter Gaspar
6.3 Homeroom Teacher