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8.2 Commencing the Community Project

The boys of 8.2 have come together this year with fresh enthusiasm and open minds to the Community Project.

Students of 8.2 and 8.4 have blended to create groups for the Community Project.  In their first meeting the boys worked together to define group rules, identified personal strengths and weaknesses and started to brainstorm ideas for their service action.

It was heart-warming to see the new groups communicate warmly and respectfully with one another.  Even though the boys have some experience with each other because most have shared the Year 7 journey, boys also learnt new things about one another.  Branching out to get to know others and to find common interests is one of the valuable benefits of the Community Project.

8.2-1.jpg  8.2-2.jpg

This is the beginning of a 6 month long group project and it augers well that the boys are keen to get started and are communicating effectively in the early days.  We wish all of the boys the very best and hope they enjoy delivering some meaningful community service action this year.

Ms Gabriel Hodgson
8.2 Homeroom Teacher