The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Performing Arts News

The Junior School boys have had a fabulously creative start to 2020. The boys are in the thick of inquiry-based music units and we are having lots of fun! The Year 1 boys have been exploring pitch and melody through movement, singing and playing songs on the glockenspiels; boys in Year 2 have just finished writing and performing their own rhythm compositions and are now considering creating their own musical notation; the Year 3 lads have been having fun picking the 'odd one out' by focusing on the placement of accents to determine whether music is in threes or fours; the Year 4 gents have been exploring 'feels' in music and the musical elements that help to characterise various genres; and Year 5 have just finished a task in which they carefully considered the process of learning and performing reggae rhythms in groups before transferring them onto instruments. I'm so impressed with the rich learning that has been taking place. Keep up the great effort, boys!


Miss Phebe Samson
Performing Arts Teacher