The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Transition to Online Learning

The transition to online learning this week has been a steep learning curve for our entire community, however, the positive response that we have had to this rapid change fills me with a great sense of pride and gratitude for the people that we are sharing this journey with. The boys have stepped up with boundless maturity and shown tremendous progress towards becoming independent learners, the teachers have overcome obstacles and delivered curriculum in new and exciting ways and the parents have been kind, supportive and encouraging. This response is a credit to our community.

The following webpages have been created to keep staff, parents and students up to date with all communications and protocol around our online learning. It is important that we have read these before making contact with  the school as these questions are being asked of us often and almost all information for parents and boys can be found on this site.

COVID-19 Response

Similarly, information surrounding this situation is rapidly evolving and therefore we will continue to update these pages, so you are clear on our response to the new circumstances. The last date the site was edited is located at the top of the page.

More excitingly, our staff have created videos so that parents have a better understanding of how your son will conduct his learning while at home. I think you will agree that our staff have done an outstanding job at replicating the classroom online with so many features that will keep our boys engaged and on track.

Understanding Virtual Classroom 6-12 

Understanding Virtual Classroom PK-5

I wish your family all the best in these challenging times and I hope you continue to find our community a strength to draw upon.