The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Summer Edition -  The  Raven

Congratulations to the following boys for their excellent writing or art work which is published in the new Summer Edition of  The Raven  :

Samuel Bennett

Year 11 Cameron

Ryan Bourke

Year 12 Alexander

Ashley Edgar

Year 12 Brisbane

Benjamin  Fleay

Year 10 Brisbane

Kalani Locke

Year 10 Shearer

Samuel McGinniss

Year 10 Anderson

Tyler Messina

Year 10 Keys

Christopher Michael

Year 12 Cameron

Will Partridge

Year 12 Shearer

Matthew  Sofield

Year 12 Anderson

Lachlan Stephen

Year 12 St Andrews

David  Stulpner

Year 12 Cameron

Reuben  Westerman

Year 12 Keys

Daniel Wiese

Year 12 Brisbane

Cooper Young

Year 12 Brisbane

Please enjoy reading this work by visiting the electronic version of  The Raven  via the Scotch homepage. 

Any boy who has creative writing that he would like to submit to  The Raven  can send a copy to     

Dr  Jeannette  Weeda

English Teacher – 2IC English