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This will be an article like no other I have written in my lifetime, as it will reflect the adventure that 4T travelled while learning in isolation through the SCOT programme.

As COVID-19 took the world by storm, the atmosphere of the College began to change very quickly. There were whispers and stories and news reports all indicating the arrival of a long-term change in the way the world would operate. Incredibly, the boys of 4T were more than willing to adopt any new protocol asked of them, demonstrating a wisdom and calm beyond their years and showing a profound respect for the efforts of the community to keep everyone on grounds safe and well.

From Monday 30 March, the students of Scotch College were encouraged to work from home and adopt the SCOT programme. I imagine that everyone, including students, parents and staff were somewhat overwhelmed, possibly nervous and slightly anxious at the prospect. Despite the fear of the unknown, the 4T boys and their families jumped on board the 'moving train' and faced their new quest with a curiosity, commitment and excitement that could only be described as magnanimous!

As with all new adventures, there were a few little wrinkles to iron out! Downloading, uploading, emailing, posting, videoing and chatting all became the new norms and demanded netiquette and megabytes not previously needed. I could not have been prouder of the deep respect and high standard of delivery in all forums. Each of you deserve a standing ovation for your performance!

A highlight of the experience was making contact with the boys by phone or video conference. This was a wonderful forum to stay in touch, offer support and see the wonderful learning spaces that each student had created. It was no wonder that the boys were working so successfully given the environments they created to be star students; even at home!

This message is written on the eve of the College opening its doors to the student body once more. Despite the need for continued vigilance in the fight against the pandemic, staff and students alike can't wait to be back together in their rightful learning spaces. So, it is with true gratitude that I extend heartfelt thanks to our 4T family for their efforts to keep themselves safe, keep others safe, and face adversity and challenge with the hearts of warriors.

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Mrs Rebecca Turkich
Year 4 Teacher