The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia


It has been so wonderful to have our students back in class — they breathe life into our school. We hope returning to campus has given the students the routines and socialisation they have missed due to our COVID-19 isolation.

Before the students returned, staff were unsure how we would manage with the parents of our youngest students restricted from entering the Junior School. Parents are such a big part of our before and after school drop-off and we were curious as to how children would cope with the change. What we have been delighted to discover is that all our Junior School boys have taken up the challenge and become self-sufficient in their morning drop-off routines.

It has been marvellous to see the Pre-Primary boys carrying their own bags, unpacking lunch boxes, bringing water bottles and sorting themselves out to start diary writing by 9am. This is normally unheard of for Pre-Primary boys only three weeks into their second term!  Our Year 1 boys are managing the before school preparation very maturely and the Year 2 boys are delighting Mrs Alexander with their reading. She is loving hearing their progress before school.

These were the normal routines of our Years 3, 4 and 5 boys. However, it is fantastic to see the younger boys prove that they too can manage very well without their parents to unpack for them.  While we look forward to a time when parents can once again enter the school grounds, rest assured your children are benefitting from the independence that the morning roundabout drop-off has imposed.

The boys have been a wonderful support to each other and staff are extremely happy to have their students back on site.

The Junior School feels whole again.

Mrs Amanda Ritchie
Acting Deputy Head of Junior School (Administration and Pastoral Care)