The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Performing Arts

Over the past eight weeks it's been a difficult time for many in the community, not the least of whom are our performing artists; our actors, musicians, those who work in production roles, and those involved in or affiliated with the performing arts in many ways. Many of my friends and colleagues have simply had their work completely contract overnight. One of our faculty team here at Scotch has seen his entire forward booking calendar for both live performance work and production work empty out. Thirty-eight bookings were cancelled within one week and his diary is now completely empty (teaching work aside) until 2021.

Yet with all the uncertainty and economic impact, I hear nothing but positive conversation coming from each person I speak to; I find positive and forward-looking pieces being written and an optimistic view of both the present and the future. There's something about a mindset that is developed through the immersion of oneself in a performing arts—based paradigm. There is a tendency to focus on the not so obvious blessings we've been provided with rather than the curses.

Speaking online to some of the Year 12 students, in both the ATAR and IB Diploma music courses, during the past few weeks has been interesting. Many have reflected about the opportunity the current pandemic has allowed them in terms of practice: dedicated time with less opportunity for interruption and distraction. Still others have told staff it's the most focused practice they've done in years. At least two parents have commented directly to me about their renewed appreciation for their son's musical study or even certain types of music.

There have been a proliferation other initiatives to come at this time in the wider community. Collaborative virtual music ensemble performances; a bonanza in new music recordings; an array of new competitions and online festival opportunities (Bell Shakespeare company comes to mind); a significant increase in the number of families playing music together at home; a new way of  honouring those who have served our country through personal Anzac Day tributes in home driveways.

With that said, phase two of the COVID-19 roadmap toward the new normal is now active and that means we rejoice with the news that some of our rehearsals and activities can recommence at Scotch. We'll be employing some strict health protocols and are confident we can balance our social responsibilities with the return to the things we've all been keen to embrace again.

From Monday 18 May, the following will resume:

  • Most music ensemble rehearsals (before and after school, and those scheduled at lunch times)


  • PLC & Scotch Symphony Orchestra (to be advised)
  • Large choirs (to be advised)
  • All pipe band rehearsals (before school)
  • Drama production rehearsals for We Will Rock You (returning with a revised rehearsal schedule)

We respectfully request that parents continue to adhere to the Headmaster's directive not to enter the campus grounds. Should you need to collect your son after a rehearsal or drop him off for an early commitment, please arrange to do so via the sanctioned drop-off points.

It is important to know that the Performing Arts events which were cancelled remain so for 2020. Performances which were postponed remain under review. Updates will be posted to the  Scotch Performing Arts webpages.

Mr  Scott Loveday
Head of Performing Arts