The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Remaining Focused

We have an abundance of items on the Junior School (JS) schedule this term, and whilst they are taking shape, we still need to be creative in the way we run our assemblies, our Chapel services and other events. Our focus and goals for this year are still on the forefront of our agenda as we continue to talk about upcoming changes and the need to adapt where necessary.

Class teachers have welcomed the return of their students and are extremely proud of the boys and their self-management and set-up routines for the school day. The student leadership are continuing work on their projects whilst the whole school is consolidating and operating towards the Semester 1 reports.

Goal #1 Approaches to Learning (ATLs)

Mr Norman continues to work with the teachers on their planning and processes to develop tools for the classroom, as well as supporting them in their tracking and monitoring. This takes a considerable amount of time and the benefits of Mr Norman and the staff working together to assist teachers to develop and consolidate in this area are invaluable.

Goal #2 Mathematics

This goal focuses on maths and developing units of inquiry. JS staff participated in professional learning at the end of 2019, with a view to carry this over into 2020. Just prior to the move from face-to-face delivery to the SCOT programme, the subject leaders were looking at ways to assist staff and provide opportunities to share practices and ideas.

Goal #3 Feedback

As we reached the end of one unit of inquiry, our teachers started to work on the new unit and began the provocations to generate a series of burning questions. It was wonderful to watch the work being done in the previous units and the Year 5 teachers made mention of their campaign speeches in their notices. I was present for the final touches of the Year 2 scale models that they were going to share with the Year 5 boys, and I was thoroughly impressed.

Goal #4 Wellbeing

In the wellbeing arena, Mr Jon Marginis, our Wellbeing Coordinator and JS Psychologist, is working with teachers to roll out module 3 and 4 of the Protective Behaviours lessons. All students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 5 will have sessions where Mr Marginis (or Mr Jon for the younger students) works through aspects of the protective behaviours covering who are their 'go-to-people' and how they can be assertive to refuse something they don't like.

We have also seen the return of the yoga programme this year and have been able to extend this experience to our Pre-Primary to Year 3 students this term. The sessions take place weekly or fortnightly and the students engage in a range of activities based on mindfulness and relaxation.

I look forward to observing what the remainder of the term brings and to seeing what other wonderful triumphs we can conquer.