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Visual Art in Middle School

Last year saw the partial introduction of the iPad as an art-making tool in Visual Art for Year 6. In Summer Term this year I decided to use it as the sole art-making device for the existing 'Crazy Creatures' project. I let the boys loose with the technology to fully explore the potential of the platform both technically and creatively. Students used a range of apps such as Adobe Draw, Adobe Sketch, Adobe Fresco and Sketches, and were allowed to pick what best suited their work flow.

art1.png  art2.jpeg  art3.jpg

Guillaume Daoud 6.4 William Macknay 6.4 Charlie Robinson 6.4

The results were impressive to say the least. Unquestionably, the general standard of work across the two classes was higher than in previous years. Whilst there are some obvious technical differences in comparison to traditional painting and drawing mediums, the sheer range of possibility and flexibility of the technology in the hands of nimble and intuitive users meant that students were focused, engaged and noticeably successful in their production of artwork.

art4.jpg       art5.jpeg

Luke Schaufler 6.4 Thomas Lovegrove 6.1

I am ever mindful of the Visual Arts staying relevant and engaging to the boys. Whilst these are far from traditional mediums, I am mindful of the world these young men will emerge into as young adults and the skills and competencies that may serve them well, or even be essential, once they get there. As a result, I am now going to adjust the Year 7 and 8 programmess to more directly incorporate digital technology to harness the momentum we have established this year.

Mr Scott Bycroft
Middle School Visual Art Teacher