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Information Learning Technology

Keeping the window into your son’s school day open!

Many rich learning experiences are occurring each day in the Early Learning Centre and Junior School. While parents would love to be able to see them all, it is sometimes hard for the younger boys to articulate all they have done during that day. Many times, students will share one small activity, or even say "not much" when asked about their day on the car ride home.

When we transitioned to the Scotch College Online Teaching (SCOT) programme, parents were able to see first hand how the boys were working though their activities and could become familiar with their son’s progress and the way the teachers would provide their feedback.

Boys in Years 1 to 5 continue to use Showbie to collect and upload their digital work and receive feedback from their teachers. Showbie allows teachers from all subject areas to allocate differentiated activities and provide digital comments, either written and audio. Showbie is a great way for Year 1 to 5 parents to see what has been happening in their sons’s classes and start a conversation on what they are working on.

Next time you ask what has been happening at school and hear the response "not much", ask your son to grab his iPad and get him to navigate through. This is a great way to discuss new concepts and help deepen the learning.

Mrs Amanda Ritchie
ILT Integration Specialist