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4C News

The 4C boys have had a wonderful Autumn Term filled with fun and excitement. There were smiles all round in Week 2 when they returned to school, saw their friends and settled back into our normal routine.

We began the term with our third unit of inquiry: ‘How we express ourselves’. The boys enjoyed learning about heroes and villains from different traditional stories. We read The Legend of Ned Kelly by Mark Greenwood and had rich discussions about whether he should be remembered as a hero or villain. The boys then wrote their own persuasive texts to present their point of view about Ned Kelly. Our persuasive writing continued to a dinner party. The boys selected three characters they would like to invite for dinner and presented details and examples to support their choices.

In our reading lessons, we explored the stories of Beowulf, The Odyssey and Robin Hood. We studied the heroes of these stories and summarised the main events using the hero’s journey framework. The boys also created their own hero and wrote entertaining myths where their hero solved a quest.

We readily took on the challenge to present an online assembly item. Our item focused on the epic story of Hercules. The boys recited the poem and acted out the Twelve Labours of Hercules. They had so much fun taking on the role of Hercules and acting as mythical creatures, wild animals and warriors. I congratulate them on their wonderful performance.

As the restrictions eased, we were very fortunate that our local history hunter, Mark Greenwood, graciously accepted an invitation to speak to the boys on his amazing stories about long lost explorers, famous cold cases and Australian legends. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their session with Mark Greenwood and look forward to reading more of his amazing books.

Our final project for this unit is to conduct a research project about a legendary person. The boys have selected a legendary person in a field that interests them. They have gathered information and are in the process of writing a persuasive speech. They will be taking on the role of this person and dress as their likeness for the oral presentation component. We are looking forward to welcoming Michael Jordan, Robert the Bruce and many other legendary people into our classroom and learning about their incredible lives.

All in all, it has been a fantastic term in 4C and we can’t wait to explore the wonders of science in our new unit of inquiry: ‘How the world works’.

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Miss Olivia Creagh
Year 4 Teacher