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Year 8.5 — Medieval Europe

This term our 8.5 Homeroom class has been on an epic adventure through medieval Europe. We have been researching and designing our family heraldry shields. Those lucky enough to have taken Metal Design this semester have also been able to construct their shields. We began the unit learning about the social hierarchy in medieval times known as feudalism. We then gained an understanding of knighthood and the different stages of becoming a knight, as well as their code of chivalry.

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In addition to Individuals and Societies class, we had Reverend Justine come in and teach us about Christianity's role in medieval times. Throughout that experience we learnt about the Crusades and pilgrimages that still exist today. There were 10 main Crusades that occurred over a 200-year period and pilgrims are people that go on long journeys of religious significance to a specific location, such as Jerusalem. We also learnt about medieval architecture and how it has evolved over time.

Near the end of the term we will be constructing a medieval museum showcasing our learning and we hope to be able to invite parents to the exhibition in the beginning of Winter Term.

Year 8.5 Homeroom class