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Grow Your Own Meal in Middle School

One of the central spaces to our Middle School is our quad, both in location and in significance. This year our students have taken greater ownership of this space and have been doing the gardening themselves in our Grow Your Own Meal Club. The club runs on a termly basis and involves planning and planting a range of vegetables and herbs before using the produce to cook different meals. So far hit meals have been nachos, pizza, basil pesto pasta, pasta napolitana, herb and garlic bread, and herb muffins.

It's fantastic to see the boys take pride in their cooking and then sit down to eat together in our garden. Even better is when we hear the boys talk about making the recipes at home for their families. Next up we will be setting up a worm farm in one of the spare garden beds, so our kitchen scraps can have another life and provide further nutrients for growing more vegetables.

New Members

The club will run again in Winter Term and be open to new members.

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Mrs Mia Sullivan & Mrs Angela Paunoski
Grow Your Own Meal Club