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3W News

This term has been one of creativity and wonder, as I marvel at the imagination and originality of my students!

It has been utterly joyful to have the boys back in class and to be teaching face-to-face once again. We have been able to work collaboratively on STEM experiments (a big favourite), inquiry tasks and also engage in class discussions as we explored figurative language, genre, author's purpose and so much more. The class took action, employing their persuasive writing skills to pen a letter to Miss Hooper, asking for more recess time. Many boys have earned their pen licence and are to be congratulated on their wonderful penmanship. Sadly we were unsuccessful in our mission but the reasoning skills utilised were impressive and Miss Hooper was nearly convinced by their powers of persuasion.

Our new unit has explored 'How We Express Ourselves' and the boys have thoroughly enjoyed exploring different artists, styles and using a wide variety of mediums. Their work on Surrealism, Pop Art and Cubism showed a deep understanding of technique and the finished results were wonderful examples of how to interpret and showcase different perspectives. Such a talented class!

For our final assessment piece the Year 3 cohort are planning and rehearsing for Scotch Has Got Talent, a variety performance to showcase the individuality and skill of each boy as they produce an item that is an expression of themselves. I cannot wait to witness the spectacle and enjoy watching each boy celebrate their learning .

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Mrs Alison Webster
Year 3 Teacher