The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Head of Middle School

Thank you for your support over this very unusual Autumn Term. Your accommodation of the changes we have had to make, the boys' adaptability and the staff's flexibility has been amazing and is gratefully appreciated and recognised. Two big winners so to speak from the term has been the expansion of everyone's video creation and online skills and particularly for the boys the adoption of a much more rigorous hygiene regime. Long may it continue and the benefits be noticeable.

Our final online assembly of term was last Friday. From the commencement of next term we resume Assemblies in the Dickinson Centre or MacKellar Hall, while our Chapel services return to the College Chapel. I am particularly looking forward to the performance aspects of our assemblies once more and seeing the musicians and bands back on stage. If you have the opportunity to look at last Friday's online assembly, I encourage you to do so. Within it is an interview with Arad Rad, a Year 12 boarder who recounts his story as a refugee. Arad arrived at Scotch in Year 11. It is an impressive and uplifting story and beautifully compliments Rev Wall's homily about Dolly Parton's amazing backstory at the start of the assembly.

Semester Reports and Student Led Conferences

Semester 1 Reports are being finalised now and will be released online this Friday evening. Front and centre in the Semester 1 Reports is your son's reflection. It is a component your son has been working on this term and we hope it generates some conversation as the report is discussed and dissected over the holiday. Semester reports are just one component of the three-part reporting process: the continuous feedback following each assessment, Semester reports and in Week 3 next term your son will lead you through a Student Led Conference looking at his goals and strategies for the coming semester. For the first time our Student Led Conferences will be offered in an online format whereby interviews can be held with parents either at home or at work. I believe it will be just as rich an experience and hopefully a very time efficient experience too.

Enjoy the three week holiday, I look forward to seeing the boys again on Tuesday 28 July.