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Art News

During Autumn Term the Year 4 artists explored the significance of African art within their current transdisciplinary theme ‘How We Express Ourselves’.

The boys discovered the importance of African art and its impact upon the development of modern artists from Picasso, Derain, Braque and Modigliani, to name but a few. In contrast to Western art, African art is almost never meant to beautify and decorate. It is intended for tribal worship, rituals, magic and communication with the supernatural. 

Each artist designed their own mask and decorated it through the skillful application of paint using a limited palette. By observing the history and traditions of the mask, the boys aimed to capture character within their final artwork.

The artists explored a range of differentiated materials and techniques, taking risks and learning to develop new ways to extend and present their ideas.

img_0307.jpeg img_0309.jpeg

Ms Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist