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Fun in French

Bonjour à tous

Boys in Year 6 and Year 7 Phase 1 French have been learning how to introduce themselves.

They can say and write their name, age, date of birth, talk about their siblings and pets as well as describing where they live and giving detail about their houses. They are also able to understand other people's introductions, by either listening to them or reading about them. They have enjoyed making multi-modal, digital books about themselves. Phase 1 boys demonstrated their learning by drawing cartoons with fictional characters meeting each other for the first time. The boys have also been learning about French festivals and celebrations and particularly enjoyed learning about the Storming of the Bastille.


Many Year 6 and 7 Phase 2 students have enrolled in the Alliance Française Poem Recitation Competition and have worked very hard to memorise a French poem as well as working on their pronunciation. Bravo to all. We are sure many of them will get into the final to proudly represent the College.

Last term, the Year 6s designed and described their Maison des rêves (dream houses) and we saw so many fantastic house designs. The boys did extremely well combining their imaginations, designs and French skills. Everyone enjoyed watching the videos and we also had a sneak peek at their houses as they brought them into class.

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The Year 7s were learning about the architectural and structural differences in French cities and the students are now able to ask for their way around in French and give directions formally. They were also busy researching a French city and writing up a news report on it. The team work, the facts and stories covered were surprising.

During Summer Term, our Year 8s learnt how to conduct a conversation at the French market and had fun ordering all sorts of fruit, vegetables and meats as well as working on their bargaining skills. In Autumn Term, the boys learnt more about how the French schooling system is different from the Australian one. They are able to tell you that French students learn two languages until Year 12 and have an actual canteen to spend their two-hour lunch break in! They also worked on a couple of songs from Black M and Soprano; two major rap French artists. Let's say some dancing has been happening too! To round off the term, many of the boys chose to play the French game of pétanque which is similar to lawn bowls.

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Mdm Shaye Pett & Mdm Emilie Perrot
Middle School French Teachers